Frequently Asked Questions...

      Q. How do I sign-up my son or daughter for GSDS Driver Education?

              A. You must mail in an application along with a copy of his or her birth certificate and at least the deposit amount.

      Q. How is my son or daughter's enrollment in a class confirmed?

              A. Once we have received the application in the mail, we will call the telephone number listed on the application under
                   "Home Telephone Number" to confirm the enrollment.

      Q. What happens if the class we sign up for is full?

              A. Your son or daughter will be offered a seat in an alternate class or you can opt to have your money refunded in full.

      Q. Do you accept credit cards?

              A. Credit cards are not accepted.

      Q. Can my son or daughter change from one class to another to accommodate their schedule?

              A. No, once a student starts a program, NH State Regulations mandate that the student remain in that program.

      Q. When does my son or daughter start to drive?

              A. Driving hours will be scheduled once class begins. Driving hours are scheduled Monday through Sunday.



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